A Complete Guide to Connecting with Rachel Leigh Photography

Depending on what it is you’re looking for, there are several different ways to connect with Rachel Leigh Photography. Most of which are right here on this page, but I’ve provided links to the ones that aren’t.

This page is divided into three sections, each related to the reason you might want to connect with Rachel Leigh Photography.

The first section deals with how to connect with Rachel Leigh Photography for those who’d like to inquire about professional wedding or portrait photography.

The second section is for general contact such as providing feedback on this website, questions, comments, and nearly everything else.

Finally, the last section has all of Rachel Leigh Photography’s social media information for anyone interested in following Rachel Leigh Photography on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Inquiries about Photography

How to Inquire

The inquiry is the first step in the booking process to becoming a client, and this is the place to do it. The only reliable way to inquire about my wedding and portrait photography is with the contact and inquiry form.

Inquiries through email, social media, text message, etc may get overlooked. I don’t disregard them on purpose, but I get so many messages in so many different places that often it’s unavoidable that I miss a few.

So please, for your benefit, use the contact and inquiry form below if you wish to inquire about becoming a client. Thanks!

First, make sure you read the start here entries about services, pricing, inquiries, and booking before filling out the inquiry form. Then just mark which type of photography you’re interested in.

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General Contact

Website Feedback

Have something to say about this website? I’d love to hear it. Is a photo not showing up correctly? Did you find a link that isn’t working or pointing to the wrong place? Having trouble viewing some part of this site on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or computer? Like the way something looks and want to know more about it? Hate the way something looks and want to let me know? Have any suggestions?

Help me make my website better by letting me know what you think. The place for all website feedback is in the contact and inquiry form below.

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I get asked a lot of questions and I love them all.

I’ve had brides looking for wedding planning tips, new photographers looking for a bit of advice, vendors wanting some marketing information, parents wondering about their new DSLR, and so much more.

If you have a question about anything at all, the best place to ask it is in the contact and inquiry form below.

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Want to comment on an article you found on this website? The best place to do that is below the article itself in the comments section. I read them all.

If you want to comment on a particular gallery or a specific image in a gallery, either use the comments section below the gallery, or click on the image you want to comment on and comment on its own page.

If your comment is more general, use the contact and inquiry form below.

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Contact Form

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Social Media



I’m usually very active on Facebook. I share all of my weekly blog posts there, and usually several more statuses and updates throughout the week. I love all of my dedicated fans and followers on facebook.

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Google Plus

googleplus-logo-128I’ve recently started using Google Plus to share my photography. I just love the way my images look and how simple everything is over there. I don’t have much of an audience there yet, but I’m hoping you’ll help me change that.

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twitter-logo-128If you’re into Twitter, make sure to follow me there too. It’s a really cool platform and I’ll be sharing lots of photos and articles, as well as a super secret, not so secret, gift every now and then.

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pinterest-logo-128Let’s not forget about Pinterest, as if you could. I pin all of my blog posts making it easy to repin and save ideas for later. I also repin some really neat and totally awesome things every now and then.

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