Molly | Natchitoches, LA Wedding Photography

I was with Molly as she was getting her make-up done by the incredible Samantha Pinder (contact her for your session- she’s the best!) when the bottom fell out. It started *pouring*. I texted my husband and asked him what the weather was like in Natchitoches since we would be shooting there, and he said sunny and clear. We flew to Natchitoches, and by the time we got there it was anything but sunny and clear. I was panicking, but Molly told me that anytime someone asks what “look” she’s going for for her wedding she replies that she wants it to look like a stormy sky. You know, greys, pinks, and super moody. Well, we picked the perfect day to shoot because that’s the exact canvas the Lord painted for us. It was perfect.


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  1. Molly Rudd You are absolutely stunning! Every single one of these photos is absolutely amazing and gorgeous! Wow. Rachel you did an incredible job!!

  2. In the words of Reggy, “She sure is pretty!” I totally agree. My favorites are the ones where she is smiling.

  3. Molly Has Great Beauty Awesome Job from U as well Rach

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