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A Beginner’s Guide to Rachel Leigh Photography


I know many of you reading this are loyal clients, good friends, and regular followers. That means you’re already familiar with me and my work, but if you’re a newcomer or just happen to be dropping by the website for the first time, this page is the best place to start.

I’ve divided the information here into three parts…

The first section is for those of you who are looking for something specific such as pricing, inquiries, and booking information.

Next up, is a section for anyone who wants to get a quick start preview of the most popular content found on this website.

And finally, the last section is for those who just want to learn more about me (Rachel), Rachel Leigh Photography, this website, my contact information, how to connect on social media, and more. Enjoy!


Photography Information


While you may see many different types of photography featured on my website, I am primarily a Wedding Photographer. I shoot weddings all year round and absolutely love doing them. This is my passion and my specialty.

Though there’s much more to it, generally speaking, the wedding services I offer are proposals, engagements, bridals, ceremony, reception, and even day after sessions.

In addition to weddings, I also shoot some portrait photography on a limited basis. Since I spend most of my time photographing weddings, I limit my new portrait clients to seasonal shoots.

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Wedding Pricing

On average, my brides typically invest between three and four thousand dollars with me for professional wedding photography.

My prebuilt wedding packages start at around two thousand dollars, and each prebuilt package can be fully customized to match your exact needs and budget.

I also offer and recommend my build-your-own package option for brides who want to have the most control and get the most value from their wedding photography.

Family Pricing

My portrait pricing varies depending on the time of booking, type of plan, and whether or not you’re already a client.

New portrait clients typically invest between four hundred and six hundred dollars with me for portrait photography. But again, prices may vary greatly based on many different factors.

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If you want to inquire about my professional wedding or portrait photography, the first step is to read through all the information on this page.

If you’re already an existing client, you can contact me directly with the contact information you have for me.


If you are not already a client, the best way to inquire about my wedding or portrait photography is the inquiry form on this website.

When you believe you have a good idea about what it is that you’re looking for, please use the inquiry form to get started (but don’t forget to read the rest of this page first!).

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The booking process is pretty simple. If you’re an existing client you know what to do, but if you aren’t already a client, it all starts with an inquiry (via the inquiry form). After submitting your inquiry, I should respond within a day or two to get some more information from you and answer any questions you might have.

Here’s some information that might be helpful for you to know before you inquire…

Wedding Photography is my full-time endeavor. I recommend trying to book at least a year in advance to ensure your day is available. Anything under a year is taking a chance. Anything under six month is really cutting it close. Anything under three months is probably already taken, especially if your date falls between April and September. So don’t wait. Booking far in advance also adds a lot of flexibility when scheduling your engagements, bridals, etc., as well as your payment plan.

Family Portraits are seasonal. I only shoot families for about three months each year, and I only take a maximum of two family sessions per week during that time. As a result, these fill up pretty quickly. You can inquire and book a family portrait session with me at any time of the year, but your session date will have to fall within the family portrait season.

Maternity, Births, Newborns, & Babies are a year-round treat, and are almost exclusively booked as part of my baby plan. In fact, except in rare and special cases, I don’t take any new baby clients except through my baby plan. I love getting to know my moms while watching their babies grow up during their first year. Although my baby plan is really flexible, it’s still important to try to book as far in advance as possible since these little guys tend to go by their own schedules.

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Below are lists of the most popular posts on this site in the three main categories. The first two categories are Weddings and Portraits. These are long-form photo galleries of wedding and portrait shoots that are the most popular with followers of my work. The third category is Articles. These are a variety of stories, tips, Q&A, checklists, how-to’s, and more that are the most popular with my readers. Hope you enjoy!

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  9. Sadie & Derek’s Monroe Wedding (776 views)
  10. Lance & Ashley’s West Monroe Wedding (743 views)

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  1. Charlotte Ann’s Birthday | 10-15-2014 (1,391 views)
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  8. Charlotte Ann | Natchitoches, LA Newborn Photography (519 views)
  9. Emmi: Elegant Newborn Session (479 views)
  10. Snowy Wonderland: A Styled Shoot (440 views)

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  1. Bennett’s Beignets | Natchitoches, Louisiana Gourmet Coffee Shop (3,166 views)
  2. 10 Wedding Planning Tips for Brides (1,216 views)
  3. We Went to Waco (611 views)
  4. Good Grief (539 views)
  5. A New Year (502 views)

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Learn More…

About Rachel

I’m Rachel, and I’m the photographer at Rachel Leigh Photography. I’m married to my best friend, I love Jesus, thrift shopping, and coffee. I lock my keys in my car way too often and make about 20 lists a day just so that I can check things off as I complete them. I’m as simple as they come, and whatcha see is whatcha get.

I am completely self-taught and pride myself in creating unique and timeless art through photography. I cannot imagine doing anything else, and genuinely love my job. I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy creating it!

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About My Photography

I am primarily a professional wedding photographer. My goal for your wedding is to be able to tell the story of your big day as accurately and emotionally as possible. So when you hire me, you aren’t hiring someone to take a bunch of pictures all night.

I’m there for one reason… I want for the story I tell, the one I’ll deliver to you, to bring tears to your eyes decades from your wedding day. I want to be able to bring back all the emotions of excitement, anticipation, love, and thankfulness in a way that causes you to remember all the reasons you fell in love in the first place all those years ago.

It’s a lofty goal, but it’s what I’m passionate about giving my brides.

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About This Website

This website, is the official website of, and is owned by Rachel Leigh Photography. It was designed, developed, and is maintained by my husband Brandon. Unless otherwise stated, all branding, graphics, images, photography, and content, written or other media, on this site are owned and copyrighted by Rachel Leigh Photography and cannot be copied, altered, or used without permission (even if you happen to be in the photo). Sharing of this site’s content is permitted and encouraged, so long as credit is given to Rachel Leigh Photography or the source,, is clearly referenced.


Here are some quick tips and convenient links to help you get the most out of this website:

  1. You can quickly access the homepage from any page on this site by clicking on the logo in the top left corner.
  2. On the homepage, you’ll see three blocks labeled “Articles”, “Weddings”, and “Portraits”. clicking on any of these blocks will take you to the most recent post in each category.
  3. At the top of each page is a menu with links to “Start Here“, “Blog“, and “Connect“.
  4. The Start Here page (this page) is the best place to start learning about all things Rachel Leigh Photography. Read through all of the information here to learn more.
  5. The Blog shows a list of all of the posts on this site in descending order.
  6. You can click on an image or a title on the blog to go to the post you want to see.
  7. Clicking on a photograph in a wedding or portrait gallery will open them in a new page and allow you to comment on them individually.
  8. To comment on a post, whether it’s a wedding/portrait gallery or an article, click the “See Comments” button at the bottom of a post.
  9. If you come to the end of a post and want to see the next one without going back to the blog, simply keep scrolling down and the next post will appear at the bottom of the page.
  10. The Connect page is where you’ll find contact information, an inquiry form, social media links (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest), and a general contact form for questions or feedback.

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About How to Connect with RLP

Connecting with me online is pretty simple.

Obviously, heading over to the Connect page is a really good place to “connect” with RLP.

Leaving a comment in the comments section of any post on this site is a quick way to let me know what you think of the post, or to ask a question about what’s posted. I read every comment.

There’s also a contact and inquiry form on this website for inquiring about professional wedding and portrait photography and any sort of feedback, questions, or comments you might have.

You can also find me on various social media sites. Specifically, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest. I post regularly to these sites and am usually pretty active on some of them.

Besides this website, these social media sites are the best place to follow my work and most recent activity, but not the best place to contact me.

The inquiry and contact form on this website are by far the most reliable means of contacting me.

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