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Training with Rachel Leigh Photography

Everyone needs a mentor. Whether you’re just starting out and looking for someone to help you get started or you’re an experienced photographer who wants someone to keep you inspired, the value of a dedicated mentor cannot be overstated. Having a mentor can literally knock years off of the learning curve and provide the support and encouragement needed to be a highly successful professional. That’s exactly what a mentorship with us (Rachel and Brandon) can offer.

If you’re new or just getting started, training can include anything from shooting in manual mode and mastering the exposure triangle, to using your DSLR camera, posing, composition, lighting, and editing. We’re here for anything you need to learn to give you confidence behind the camera and in front of clients.

If you already know the basics and are looking for guidance and support, training can include workflow creation (from start to finish), business and financial management, client interaction, storytelling, developing your own consistent style, and advanced editing techniques. We’ve been there before and are excited to share our experience with you.

We can also help you find your ideal clients, show you the most effective ways to market your business, and sell your services to deliver the most value to your clients. This includes using social media, blogs, events, portfolio creation, in-person sales, and a whole lot more.

A mentorship with us is a true mentorship rather than a one-off training session. You’ll have as many in-person sessions as needed to gain the skills and confidence you need, including phone and email support.

Our goal is to reach both new and aspiring photographers, as well as experienced professional photographers with simple yet comprehensive training that will eliminate the guesswork of starting and running a successful photography business. If you want a mentor who can provide clear and effective training and support you in a way that virtually guarantees success, inquire about Training with Rachel Leigh Photography now!



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