A Brand New Look and More!

We’re super happy to announce that Rachel Leigh Photography is brand new! We’ve been working really hard on this (maaaaaaybe an entire year, to be exact. But who’s counting?) and it’s finally here… Our new website and some exciting new changes. We’ve worked hard to keep things under wraps while working on these top secret projects. Here’s a look at what’s new with Rachel Leigh Photography and some things you can expect in the future.


New Website

First up, you may have noticed some subtle changes to our branding over the past several months while we slowly tested and tweaked our colors, logo, look and feel. All of these changes have finally culminated in, what we believe is the best RLP thus far! Have a look around our new site and see for yourself! Come around enough and you’ll also notice that we have a new posting schedule for the blog and some fun new additions.


New Services

Well, sort of. We’ve restructured and revamped our packages, products, pricing, and process for both Wedding and Family Photography. You probably won’t notice any huge changes here, but trust us when we say you’ll really appreciate it when you do.


New Training

We’ve also started a new training company called Phloto, and decided to offer a preview of some new training programs we’ve been working on for new and aspiring photographers. We hope these new programs will make starting and running a successful photography business from scratch, not only very simple, but super fun too. We love teaching & educating so this part is super exciting for us!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Also, the new site is brand spankin’ new, so if you notice any quirks, let us know and we’ll get them fixed. Thanks!

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