Bridgette & Josh’s Backyard Monroe Wedding

There’s so much about this day I want to say, but it’s honestly hard to explain how sweet, intimate, and magical it was. And I really think it’s better that I can’t say it because it makes the day even more special. Bridgette and Josh love deeply. They love each other deeply, and their family and friends, too. I caught myself just watching them as they moved thorough-out the day.

They soaked up every single second of their wedding day, and when it was almost done, they cried because it was over. It was such an honor to witness firsthand, and I hope we captured the intimacy and raw emotion of the day. Bridgette and Josh, you two are so special to us!

Venue: Family land, and Vantage State Building Rooftop
Dress: Fabulous Frocks
Catering: Chick-fil-A
Videographer: Anointed Media
Photo-booth: Southern Exposure

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