Elegant Wedding in a Louisiana Country Club: Amanda & MD

Let me just tell you how we met… When MD was 15 or so my boyfriend at the time and my best friend (Adam McDaniel – who was killed in a car accident in 2005) was working for his dad. They came home everyday talking about MD… They admired him…. Thought he was the cutest little squirt lol. Keep in mind I was 19 at the time so having a crush on a 15 year old never crossed my mind. He was just a kid to me.

Years passed… I had been through a marriage that unfortunately didn’t work out… Moved back… Found out I was pregnant… Questioned God’s timing for so long… Went through pregnancy alone… Well it was my opportunity to get back right with God… I was so broken. My mom had been going out to Bro. Franks church for about 5months before I came back… So I started going with her.

Everything in my life seemed to keep falling apart the closer I got with God. I finally got to a place on my life where I was fine with how my life had turned out… I knew God was just making me a stronger person.

For almost 2 years md and I sat right across from each other at church. The first year, I didn’t think anything of it. I was trying my hardest to do everything I could do to save my marriage. The year went on… I had my baby girl… Alone… Except for my family.. And MD’s family. Ironically, they were all there with me too. They were my church family…

Then my divorce became final later that year. Then, all of a sudden… These feelings hit me like a ton of bricks. I was falling for MD secretly… We had barely said 2 words to each other in almost 2 years! He was super shy!

We ate in the back every Sunday night… He started helping me clean the kitchen… Him washing dishes was a shocker to his mom I must say lol. So… Behind his back his mom and sister were working their magic.

Little did I know, he had told his sister he had feelings for me too several months before. In fact, he had a crush on me way back when I was big, fat, and pregnant with Ella lol. I mean really??? Haha. I knew he was way too shy to get the ball rolling so I pulled a fast one. He was going to Florida on a turkey hunt and I gave him my number to make sure he sent me a pic of the beach.

Soooo… We texted on and off from there for about a month. He STILL was too shy to ask me out! One day out of the blue, his sister texts me asking me if I would be interested in going on a date with her brother. OMG… Finally!!! He didn’t believe her… So I eventually asked him to go clean the church with me. So.. Yes… Our first kinda date was cleaning the church. Funny huh? But when he hugged me I knew that was right where I was meant to be.

We went on our first official date that Monday because he couldn’t wait the weekend. We didn’t talk the entire way to alexandria lol.. Shyness I tell ya!! That was 2 years ago… And I’m still in love with him… More today than ever.

Funny how life turns out… I never would have thought I’d marry that little 15 year old kid. That little kid turned out to be a great man. I am honored to be his wife and blessed beyond measure to have gained such a loving family.

Wedding Planner/Florist – Debbie Parker
Makeup – Destiny Womack
Cake – The Cake Barn
Caterer – Linda Peevy

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