Michael David III is Born: 2-6-14

For a few weeks Amanda and I had been texting, determined that that day would be the day that she would go into labor. Sweet Michael had a mind of his own, and after being “rescheduled” for her induction the day before, Amanda was induced on February 6th.

I texted Amanda when I woke up, and she was only 2 cm dilated. A few hours went by, and I was just killing time waiting to go to the hospital. She texted me again and said she was at 4, maybe more. I decided I’d better get dressed and head to the hospital because she said she went from 4 to 9 in just a few minutes with her daughter.

Maybe 30 minutes later she sends me a text and says “I’m 9!!!!!!!’ I started panicking, thinking “surely she typed the wrong number?” Nope. She was at 9, and I was a good 30 minutes away. I immediately started praying (because, I mean, it’s about ME being there, right??) and I might have sped just a teeny bit. 🙂

I pulled into the hospital on two wheels, ran as fast as I could to the L&D floor, and as I was turning the corner, the nurses were standing outside waiting for me. Talk about a show stopper! I barely had time to even get in the room, and Amanda was ready to push. The doctor even told her before I got there that she better not sneeze or I was gonna miss it!

About 5 minutes later, sweet Michael David III made his arrival! Amanda was incredible, and made labor look like a piece of cake. She even had her make-up done earlier that morning! I mean, ya gotta look good during labor, especially if you’ve hired a professional photographer. 😉

This was such an incredible experience, and I am so excited to shoot more labors in the future. (Hopefully just as nerve racking, but not such a close call!)


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